Today’s blog post was written by Lara Mather, who is currently busy with her Ayres Sensory Integration training courses through SAISI.

In honour of Autism Awareness Month

To all my beautiful children on the spectrum, thank you for teaching me that in order to gain an understanding, we must change our perspective.


“I wish things were different”

Don’t you ever say that

I’ve been given the greatest gift

A lens into unique interpretation

A different kind of connection.

A brief glance, a side smile or an almost undetectable touch


When I looked at you, feeling helpless, I realized

It felt like more than I could handle

When you appeared inconsolable and shut me out

I felt an overwhelming panic and despair set in


When people said that your behavior should be punishable

I ignored their advice

To create a safe space that supports your needs

To let you be you.


This was the biggest lesson I needed to learn

Understanding you

Was my greatest challenge

Accepting that our worlds look very different

I am still learning

Although I don’t think I am,


(now change your perspective and read it backwards)