To provide training and education in Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI) of an internationally acknowledged standard to enable the provision of accessible sensory integration services. 


  • To equip occupational therapists with basic as well as advanced knowledge and skills on ASI research, theory, assessment and intervention. 
  • To promote awareness within a multi-disciplinary framework to play a leading role in the application of Ayres Sensory Integration theory and practice.  

  • To make sensory integration accessible to individuals faced with sensory integration difficulties and dysfunctions (including caregivers, parents, educators, occupational therapy students, communities and other relevant stakeholders). 

SAISI Journal Clubs

SAISI Journal Clubs

As SAISI is driven to provide continuous learning opportunities to all our members through various platforms. Aside from our formal courses, additional workshops, and publications we introduced the SAISI journal clubs in 2018. Through the journal clubs we aim to provide all members the opportunity to access, discuss and learn from relevant information in the field of Ayers Sensory Integration and related topics. read more…