And just like that we bid farewell to 2020.  SAISI board would like to thank you for your ongoing support and engagement through what has been a very challenging year.  For some the challenges were health-related, for others financial, emotional, or personal.  We see you and we acknowledge how our members have made the most of the situation and supported each other through it.

The year with its ever-changing restrictions has also challenged us, especially technically.  Both younger and older members have felt the the push to improve their tech skills.  It has been a year of firsts, including:

  1. First online board meeting in June
  2. First online SASIC 4 course
  3. First webinar series to support members through all the changes, and
  4. Whatsapp groups for member support

I think the overarching theme of the year has been one of support.  We can all agree that SAISI members have pulled together, helped each other, shared ideas, sourced PPE and equipment, supported each other when the rules and restrictions didn’t seem fair. While all the messages and mails may have been overwhelming, I feel there has been a shift in our profession, from competition to collaboration.  What a wonderful acknowledgment of the kindness of our fellow OT’s, knowing that we pull together when it counts, for the good of our clients and each other.

Wishing you all a very blessed festive season with your families, wherever that may be.  Though you might not be able to go to the beach or see all the family members that you miss, we know that as resourceful OT’s you will make the most of the difficult situation.

Sit back for a while, recharge with your families and pat yourself on the back for surviving the year.  Be thankful for all the good that has come out of the year.  Acknowledge those who helped you through it.  Look for an opportunity to give back.

We have lots to share with you when we come back in 2021!