Sensory Integration and the Child, 25th Anniversary Edition by A. Jean Ayres, PhD; revised and updated Pediatric Therapy Network


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Dr Ayres’ voice remains the most eloquent in presenting the body of knowledge she created. It has been trademarked and referred to as Ayres Sensory Integration or ASI®.

This is an excellent book when starting to learn about sensory integration, whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a clinician. The book provides insight into the world of children with sensory integration deficits and presents the information in a digestible way. It links the ASI® theory and neurological roots with functional examples and considerations for practice. It has a good balance between the art and science and inspires the reader to learn more about ASI®.

Dr Ayres wrote this book to bring a sense of relief and hope to families, especially the parents of children who struggle with sensory integration challenges, and who often feel frustrated at not understanding their child’s behaviour. This book is also written for the professionals who provide intervention and guide parents and teachers. Photographs, checklists, parent tips, case discussions and key quotes have been included to make the information more understandable.

In Dr Ayres’s words: “FUN is the child’s word for sensory integration…. This book will introduce a new way of looking at learning and behaviour.”

This book is an essential tool in communicating the basic concepts of the ASI® approach and is a must-have in your SI library!

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