This is a five-day on-site course where intervention strategies within the Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI®) frame of reference are taught. The implementation of an intervention plan based on the interpretation of test results is demonstrated and discussed. Clinical reasoning and case-based problem solving are used throughout. The science and art of ASI® are taught.

Date and venue
2-6 September 2024 in Gauteng
Deadline for course applications
1 July 2024
R10,865 *Including marking fee for Fidelity Measure submission
Deposit: R1630  (Payable upon application)
Pre-course activities due

Submission and passing of protocol (options below):

  • Pass with mentoring: Submit proof of mentoring by 19 August 2024.
  • Redo parts of protocol: Refer to the protocol feedback letter for the relevant resubmission date.
  • Fail protocol: The course participant will only be able to attend SASIC 4 in following year.

Course participants must submit and bring the following along:

  • Equipment practical (more information with SASIC 4 acceptance letter): due 30 August 2024
  • Prepare a case presentation for clinical reasoning.  This includes:
    • SIPT®/EASI® results.
    • Separate Ayres Clinical Observations when using a SIPT® case, or additional clinical observations when using an EASI® case.
    • Sensory questionnaires (such as the SPM 1/2 or SP 2), as well as any other information.
    • A 5-minute video clip of the child where the child is exposed to play on SI equipment.
    • Case study DDDM outline.
Post course activities due

Fidelity Measure© (FM) submission: *No late submission for FM will be allowed due to strict SASIC course timelines. 

A case study, according to the DDDM, and a 10-minute video clip on the intervention of a child for scoring on the ASI® Fidelity Measure© must be submitted.

It is strongly recommended that course participants attend at least one FM mentoring session (this fee is not included in the course fee). Course participants must achieve a score of 80% according to the ASI® Fidelity Measure process elements in order to pass and become fully ASI® trained.

Deadline: 25 April 2025

Once the Fidelity Measure submission has been passed, course participants will receive a final certificate stating that they are ASI® trained (SAISI), able to use the SIPT®/EASI® Test and can treat using ASI® principles.

Timeframe for ASI® training : Course participants who started their ASI® training in 2019, must submit and pass their FM in 2025.  Should the course participant be unable to submit their Fidelity at the given date and be unable to complete their training within the seven-year timeframe, the extension policy applies. This will incur a penalty fee of R1000.

 PLEASE NOTE: Course participants must apply in advance (before confirmation of protocol passing) for SASIC 4, as space is limited.