Masters: Sensory processing in women diagnosed with genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder

Labuschagne, Elsie Susanna (2020)

Masters:  Sensory
 processing and behaviour profiling of neurotypical children

Paulsen, Tamryn (2020)


PhD:  The development of a screening instrument to identify sensory integration difficulties in children from low socioeconomic environments

Van Der Linde, Janine (2019)


Masters: Parents’ knowledge of the sensory integrative approach within occupational therapy at a remedial school

Fingleson, Danielle Louise (2019)


Masters: Evaluation of the tests of sensory integration function used with infants

Botha, Marica (2016-02-12)


Masters: The effect of a two-week sensory diet on infants with regulatory Sensory Processing Disorder

Jorge, Jacqueline (2013-03-19)


Masters: Effect of the Wilbarger Deep Tactile and Proprioceptive Technique on behaviour and salivary cortisol in children with sensory processing difficulties

Delsemme, Genna (2015-09-07)


Masters: Evaluation of measures of sensory processing and inattention in a sample of South African preschool learners

Chemel, Yael (2015-09-17)


Masters: Development of a questionnaire to determine change in the occupational performance of pre-school children with autistic spectrum disorders receiving occupational therapy – sensory integration 

Wallace, Kerry Anne (2010-09-20)


Masters: A pilot study of the effect of a sensory diet on the in-seat behaviour of grade one learners in the classroom

Demopoulos, Maria (2009-11-10)


Masters: The sensory profile of children with speech and language disorders in London and the south of England

Van der Linde, Janine (2009-05-05)


Masters: The agreement found between the sensory profiles of children 3-10 years and their parents

Geyser, Elsje (2009-10-15)


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