Our Research


“SI screening test for children from low socio economic areas”.  The aim is to develop a tool for occupational therapists in the community to identify children at risk for SI dysfunction in order to refer for further assessment and treatment or provide a stimulation program to further development. 
Janine van der Linde”

Test for Ideational Praxis (TIP) on the South African population”
Annemarie van Jaarsveld in collaboration with Teresa May-Benson (University of the Free State)

“Patterns of SI dysfunctions of children in South Africa”
Van Jaarsveld, Mailloux and Herzberg

PhD Study – “Educational Design Research: Designing a professional Master’s curriculum for sensory integration training within the South African Context”
Annamarie van Jaarsveld

M Study – “The sensory profiles of adolescents with anxiety disorder and depressive disorders”.  
Meinauda Naude


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