Optional online synchronous course

This is a two-day synchronous online workshop focusing on the key elements of ASI® intervention with Fidelity Measure© principles.   The outcome is to support participants in the submission of their Fidelity Measure video to receive ASI® trained (SAISI) certification.

Topics include:

  • finding the just-right balance between art and science
  • goal-setting and documentation
  • setting the stage and selecting equipment
  • clinical reasoning and thinking on your feet in the moment
  • addressing challenges related to modulation, motor control and praxis
  • child-therapist collaboration, therapeutic alliance, play
  • preparing your FM video submission
31 October & 1 November 2024
Deadline for workshop applications
13 September 2024
R2860 (VAT incl.) *Including marking fee for Fidelity Measure submission
Deposit: R429 (Payable upon application)

Course participants must take note that, in order to successfully complete their ASI® training, it is mandatory to submit their Fidelity Measure© (FM) videos along with the accompanying DDDM. For more detailed information, please refer to the FM timeline letter.

Course participants who are already trained in either the SIPT® or the EASI® must submit their Fidelity Measure. It is recommended that a mentor is consulted during this process, and any mentorship fees should be paid directly to the mentor by the course participant.

If course participants have any uncertainties regarding the expectations for FM submissions, it is strongly advisable that they attend the annual online Fidelity Measure workshop, especially if they have not attended a SASIC 4 course within the past four years.

Fidelity Measure (FM) submission
A case study, according to the DDDM, and a 10-minute video clip on the intervention of a child for scoring on the ASI® Fidelity Measure© must be submitted.  Course participants must achieve a score of 80% for the Fidelity Measure© process elements in order to pass and become fully ASI® trained.
Submitted on or before 25 April 2025.
PLEASE NOTE: Once the Fidelity Measure submission has been passed, course participants will receive a final certificate stating that they are ASI® trained (SAISI), able to use the SIPT®/EASI® Test and can treat using ASI® principles.