The conversion pathway is exclusively available to course participants who meet the EASI® INDC tester requirement, which entails having tested five children, entered their data into REDCap, and received an M2/M3 certificate of equivalency from CLASI.

The training in the EASI® is a collaborative effort between SAISI and the Collaborative Leadership for Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI).  Since 2022 SAISI teaches the EASI® (in lieu of the previous SIPT®).  Reasons for this transition include that internationally, ICE-ASI member countries are now only including the EASI® in their training, due to its relevance in terms of cost-effectiveness, availability and fairness of use as international norms including those of South African children, are used in scoring the EASI®.

 To complete their EASI® training, INDC course participants are required to enrol in and successfully complete the SASIC 3 Interpretation Course, which is presented online by SAISI.

As part of the updated ASI® qualification process, all course participants are now required to submit and pass their ASI® Fidelity Measure© videos (if not yet done before) in order to complete their ASI® training and be considered fully ASI® trained (SAISI).


The deadline for presenting conversion courses is currently set for 2024, depending on the number of course participants who apply. These conversion courses are for occupational therapists who completed their SIPT® training prior to 2014 and those who are currently still in the process of converting from the SIPT® to the EASI®.

Once the conversion period has passed, course participants will still have the opportunity to attend all the SASIC courses (SASIC 1 – 4, as well as pass their Fidelity Measure©) to gain proficiency in the EASI® administration and interpretation.


  • Annually, if a course participant is not a paid-up member of SAISI by April 2024, the course participant will not be eligible to pursue ASI® training or attend the SASIC courses presented by SAISI.
  • Course participants must ensure that their contact details are correct and up to date on the SAISI database, as well as ensure that their SAISI membership fees are paid.
  • Course participants will receive CPD points for all courses as accredited by an appointed Accreditation Committee.
  • Updated SASIC course information is available on the SAISI website.
  • SASIC course applications are processed online here.
  • Online application and registration for SASIC courses adhere to strict closing dates. It will therefore not be possible to apply once these dates have been passed, unless SAISI issues notification that the given deadline date has been extended.
  • Course participants must attend all SASIC course contact hours. SAISI will keep to the policy for any missing hours/time at a course and these are strictly monitored. The hourly rate for compulsory mentoring of any missing time at a course is R600*subject to change per hour. See policy for missing hours here email


  • SAISI reserves the right to alter course requirements (including SASIC course structure and pre- and post-course activities) at any time during the ASI® training process to ensure quality training.  Any changes will be communicated to course participants, however it remains the course participant’s responsibility to keep up to date with the latest information via the SAISI website and other applicable communication channels, as well as to adhere to these set requirements.
  • The International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICE-ASI) has established specific guidelines regarding the maximum number of course participants permitted for each SASIC course. As a member of ICE-ASI, SAISI is committed to upholding these guidelines to ensure the promotion of best practices and the enhancement of training standards in ASI®. SAISI therefore operates on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, as soon as the course application has been received and the deposit has been paid.
  • If course participants have been placed on a waiting list due to not securing a spot on a SASIC course, even when they have met the deadlines and fulfilled the prerequisites, they are required to reapply for the same course in the subsequent year, ensuring they submit their re-applications before the application deadline.



  • A 15% deposit must accompany the application for each SASIC course. The deposit will be returned if the course participant’s application was unsuccessful (such as when the specific SASIC course is full or when the course participant cancels the application before the course deadline / closing date for applications). Any cancellations by the course participant after the closing date for the given SASIC course, will result in a charge of 15% of the total SASIC course fee, which will be used for administrative costs (the 15% deposit will therefore be lost).
  • Cancellations by the course participant within one week or less before the commencement of the specific SASIC course will forfeit 100% of the SASIC course fee, unless the course participant’s place can be filled on the course, in which case the 15% deposit will be forfeited. If course participants fail to meet the pre-requisites for a particular SASIC course, such as not completing the post-course questionnaires by the specified dates or not submitting their typical and atypical cases, protocols, pre-course questionnaires, etc., it is their responsibility to cancel their course applications for the subsequent SASIC courses.
  • If course participants have applied for multiple SASIC courses but were not accepted for the first-in-line SASIC course or if course participants choose to cancel the first-in-line SASIC course for any reason, they must also cancel their applications for subsequent SASIC courses before the specified deadlines. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of their deposits or the full SASIC course fee.
  • Each SASIC course has a maximum capacity for course participants. SAISI will not be held liable or assume responsibility for any travel and accommodation arrangements or associated fees in the event that a course participant is not accepted to attend a SASIC course.
  • An insufficient number of course participant applications for a specific SASIC course may lead to its cancellation. In such cases, course participants will be duly notified. It’s important to note that SAISI will not be held liable nor assume responsibility for any travel and accommodation arrangements that may need to be cancelled as a result.


Disclaimer: Online Applications

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Website and Online Application Form

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