The use of Ayres Sensory Integration in mental health settings

How can sensory integration be used to enhance the function and occupational performance of the adult in mental health?

The role of OT

  • Roley, Mailloux, Miller-Kuhaneck and Glennon (2007) describes the role of the sensory integration occupational therapist in addressing the functional ability  and occupational performance of the patient.
  • Lombard (2007) supports the above-IPR, recreation, work and PI.
  • Poor sensory integration = poor occupational performance
  • Affected areas = sleep, work, recreation, IPR and personal care.


Precautions-protect the patient, safe environment and equipment.

Risk factors-falling, epilepsy etc.

Autonomic system reactions-sweating, yawning, nausea etc.

Always inform the doctor or MDT of possible autonomic system reactions that can be present

Inform the team of signs of over stimulation

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