Overview on Courses

  • If you are busy with your training in Sensory Integration you will know that we work within a time frame of five years in which to complete your training. This is from the time you commence with the theory course (SASIC1)(year 1) until the completion of the fidelity measure after the treatment course (SASIC4)(year 5) Under exceptional circumstances, you may request and motivate for an extension. There is a procedure to follow: read more


Open to OT’s & other professions registered at the HPCSA
OT’s need to do all 5 days.
Other professions may only attend day 1-4.
27 - 31 March 2017 Deadline for course applications:
31 December 2016
  • A pre-course quiz needs to be completed online before the course.
  • OT’s must complete a post course questionnaire on e-learning by 30 June 2017 in order to attend any Interpretation course (note other pre-requisites for SASIC3).
Cape Town OT’s (5 days)
(VAT Inc.)
Deposit: R1580.00
Other disciplines (4 days):
(Vat Inc.)
Deposit: R1320.00

Test Administration/

Open to OT’s only. One year’s working experience is needed.
03-07 April 2017 Deadline course applications:
31 December 2016
Should you be accepted, you will need to have the following for the course:
  • A complete SIPT Test Kit. (Two persons may share a kit during the course but you must arrange that beforehand) (Estimate cost: R16000)
  • Each participant must have their own SIPT manual.  (Estimate cost:R1948 )
  • A compulsory course pack for the qualification process that all should have, will be ordered by SAISI (Estimate cost: R4900)
There is also other test materials that each one should bring to the course. Orders can be place with Aletta if the therapist wants to order these.
Prices subject to change without prior notice
Cape Town R6960.00
(VAT Inc.)
Deposit: R1740.00
PLEASE NOTE: The course fee
excludes the test materials. SAISI will order the compulsory course pack but if you want additional materials, these should be ordered from the office 8 weeks prior to the course.
Test Interpretation
Open to OT’s only
Please note
11-15 Sept. 2017 Deadline for course applications:
30 June 2017
Completion of the post SASIC1 questionnaire on e-learning by 30 June 2017
A peer review,
SIPT reports of 4 typically developing children and SIPT report of
1 child with suspected SI difficulties must be submitted by 30 June 2017 to saisi@uitweb.co.za
Completion of the pre-course questionnaire for SASIC 3 on e-learning one week before the course.
Please refer to course structure for materials to bring to course.
Cape Town
(VAT Inc.)
Deposit: R2313.75
Including marking fees for SIPT score checking & protocol
Treatment Course/SASIC4
Open to OT’s only
Please note
03-07 July 2017 Deadline for application for course:
17 February 2017
Protocols need to be submitted on or before
17 Feb 2017.
You also need to attend one mentoring session before you hand in your protocol. You must pay the mentor – the fee is not included in the course fee.
Following the course you need to submit and pass a Fidelity Measure before you can receive your final certificate.
Please contact Aletta regarding the submission process of the protocols and Fidelity Measure:
Gauteng R7215.00
(VAT Inc.)
Deposit: R1803.75
Including marking fee for Fidelity Measure

Statement by SAISI on the use of the SIPT

Overview on Workshops

Ethics Workshop, 14 July 2017, Knysna This workshop will be interactive and practical. We will be problem solving various ethical dilemmas according to various international frameworks. The workshop will provide the participants with practical strategies and information to enhance their ethical practice. We will review the relevant ethical frameworks, professional conduct and communication, and discuss various scenarios within the field of practice. We will also be reflecting on what ethics means to us personally. Read More

Sensory Integration and Mental Health – an appetizer with and expert.  Enjoy an overview on SI for Divers Population with Kath Smith (Informal and Interactive session) 30 June 2017, Western Cape Read more

SAISI Presents - Sensory Integration and Mental Health workshop (22-23 June 2017 Durban)  

Online applications now open - follow this link to register 

For more information email

SAISI Journal Clubs
As SAISI is driven to provide continuous learning opportunities to all our members through various platforms. Aside from our formal courses, additional workshops, and publications we introduced the SAISI journal clubs in 2017. Through the journal clubs we aim to provide all members the opportunity to access, discuss and learn from relevant information in the field of Ayers Sensory Integration and related topics. To maximise the learning opportunity the articles are discussed in a group format and questionnaires completed individually. Just some basic information:

  • Journal clubs are FREE for all SAISI members.
  • Every year SAISI provides 6 reviewed journal articles with relevant questionnaires (online through CPD solutions).  Attendance of every journal meeting as well as completing the online questionnaire, earns you 3 points per journal, 18 per year.
  • Any paid up SAISI members can form part of a journal group.
  • You may join an established group or start your own, with a minimum amount of 3 members.
  • During the course of the year, your group must arrange 6 meetings (whenever suitable for the members), where these 6 articles must be presented by one of the members and discussed for at least one hour in the group.
  • Members in outlying areas may meet over skype if needed.
  • Every club must submit a “year-planner” with dates of the journal meetings as well as the CV’s of all the presenting therapists at the start of the year. The attendance register must be submitted after every meeting via email and all via hard copy at the end of the year to the SAISI office.
  • One has to attend all 6 meetings and complete all 6 questionnaires to receive 3 points per journal, otherwise only 1 point per journal will be earned.
2017 Journal club information now available.

Please contact the SAISI office for further information or to join a group in your area.

SAISI Free State Journal Group dates for 2017: 2 June, 28 July, 18 August and 8 September.

SAISI 2017 workshop information email

Overview on Congresses

SAISI Congress

Links to International Events

Updated information will be available soon. 
For urgent matters please contact the SAISI office.